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"This worked before, why doesn't it work now?"
It's our most frequently asked question. And for good reason. As a service provider company, we know that solving problems is the guarantee for ensuring a successful business. Do you have projects that remain uncompleted or are still on the drawing board of your business plan? Our technology specialists and architects will help you tackle these unfulfilled projects.
We work with small, medium, and large-sized businesses, and whether your needs are for custom software, security solutions, or digital technology, POISE

  • Offers flexible working options: remote, on-site, or specifically customized to your requirements.
  • Becomes an integral part of your team that works side-by-side with your IT, marketing, and 3rd party groups.
  • Is in Partnership with WatchGuard Security and Microsoft.
  • Provides expertise in implementing WatchGuard and Microsoft solutions.
  • Diligently focuses on creating new business outcomes and achieving bottom-line results.

Since 2001, POISE has been providing solutions to companies of all sizes, across all industries to solve their needs.

We bring world-class advisors to architect, design and deploy technology solutions to move your company forward.

Our proven approach ensures better business outcomes and provides flexible contractual options. Your project is delivered on-time and on budget.

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POISE Brands

These are well-known POISE brands.

POISE™ was founded in Sweden in 2001 and has expanded since its beginnings to provide products and services around the globe.

LevelSync™ Ever wanted to replace your File server? With LevelSync you can! Experience New Way Of Sharing Files!

CloudBeem™ is a hosting and domain registration portal which groups all of your domain related solutions under one umbrella!

Other POISE resources

Purchase and administer your licenses directly in our Marketplace for your Azure, Microsoft 365, Dropbox etc.


The exponential adoption of technology worldwide increases the attack surface available to hackers each and every day. Typically, cyber criminals follow the money. The volume of financial transactions, the creation of financial free zones, and the overall appeal of investing in a specific region are some of the reasons why regional organizations and businesses are under constant attack. POISE provides a wide range of Cyber Security services that include Technical Assessment Services, Consultancy Services, and Managed Security Services.

Public Discovery Testing

This testing collects personal and sensitive data about your organization that is publicly available on the internet. It simulates the first phase (i.e. information gathering phase) of the cyber kill chain used by hackers. This testing phase helps you identify information that may assist attackers in planning their attack against your systems and information.

Scan for vulnerabilities

Increasingly, the digital 'doors' of organizations are being used by criminals to break in. Hackers and cybercriminals are becoming increasingly advanced in invading systems and stealing or passing on information. With our automated tests, you can periodically check your systems for potential vulnerabilities so that you can implement adequate security measures.

Security Management

Your organization needs to protect its critical assets and manage the full threat lifecycle that confronts your team. An intelligent, integrated unified threat management approach can help you detect potential threats, allow you to respond quickly and accurately, and recover from disruptions.

Cloud security services

Companies adopt cloud solutions as business innovation needs surpass the capabilities of on-site environments. Migrating to the cloud, however, introduces new cybersecurity challenges. Your company needs to retain visibility, control and security as it moves to hybrid- and multi-cloud environments. At each critical stage of your cloud transformation journey, security management must stay ahead of potential threats.

Next-generation security technologies

Better protect your enterprise from emerging threats across IT, OT, IoT and IoMT domains with monitoring, management and risk mitigation tools.

Managed firewall services

Engage monitoring and management with advanced analytics through virtual real-time data correlation across leading firewall technologies.

Proactive managed security

Accelerate detection, reduce false alerts, and improve response times with an intelligent use of automation and orchestration as well as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

Vulnerability Scanning

If you try to test everything, you will waste time, budget and resources. Using a platform with historical data can help you centralize, manage and prioritize high-risk vulnerabilities to optimize your security testing program. A portal enables everyone involved in remediation to view test findings immediately after vulnerabilities are uncovered, and schedule security tests at their own convenience.


We offer a vast set of Solutions through our many services which include those listed below.

In today's computer world, our usernames and passwords are ever increasing and almost impossible to remember.
To easily manage all of these identifiers, we recommend the use of a Password Manager.

This software installs on your computer and/or on your mobile phone to store all your credentials.
The great thing about this software is that it does not store Any information in the Cloud!

You can be sure that all confidential information such as passwords are only stored on your device!
Would you like to share a password with friends and colleagues? It's easily done in the app!
Contact us for more information.

Below is a video that shows how to mitigate phishing e-mail.
Having a Password Manager would stop the phishing to succeed.

Phising e-mail mitigation demo

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We are a leading, global technology services company.
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